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Sustainable construction

Create a healthy and sustainable environment for your home with Green Heritage.


Welcome to Green Heritage, an eco-friendly design and bio-building company committed to creating a healthier, more sustainable future for all. We believe that the construction of houses and buildings must be done with ecological responsibility, respecting the environment and creating pleasant and comfortable spaces for people.

Houses that last for generations

Our houses were designed to last several generations. Therefore, we use the experience of our ancestors and integrate state-of-the-art technologies developed by the largest European companies in the sector.

Memorable architectures

We provide professional bioconstruction, sustainable architecture and energy efficiency services, using natural materials, renewable technologies and innovative solutions to create buildings with low environmental impact and high performance. Each project is customized to meet our clients' needs and values, ensuring an end result that is aesthetic, functional and sustainable.


Green Heritage specializes in a fusion of natural and industrial construction. We are inspired by centuries-old building systems and integrate other sophisticated materials and production technologies. Depending on various factors such as location, thermal efficiency, and aesthetics, we develop building systems adapted to each architectural project. This is called innovation.


We replaced the ruler and compass with BIM (Building Information Modeling), but we get our hands dirty with clay when necessary. We use wood, clay, lime, stone, plaster, hemp, cork, glass, ceramics, and a pinch of other essential elements such as "Verdi Secil" cement, iron, aluminum, and more. And the radiant sun of Portugal that heats and provides energy to our homes.

A home should awaken all the senses: the sensual touch of materials; the pleasant aroma without chemical products; the inspiring vision of design; the perfect interior sound quality; and... the "taste" of enjoying the pleasure of living in a home that protects us and helps us to be happy.

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